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    At The Speedwash, you are guaranteed a clean, dry, and shiny car in under 5 minutes. Our washes start at only $7:

    Straight Away; Our most basic wash, A clean and shiny car for just $7

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    Checkered Flag; Includes Straight Away PLUS
    TriColor Conditioner: Cleans, conditions, protects. Contains surface reactive polymeric silicones which help provide a lasting gloss appearance and protective coating.
    Clear Coat Protectant: Polymeric silicones provide luster and durability for that long lasting protection and shine.

  • Winner Circle; Includes Checkered Flag, PLUS
    Rain-X Complete: The world leading premier in water protection for the entire car, including glass, paint, trim, and chrome. Repels water for up to 2 weeks and gives your car increased shine and surface protection.
    Extra Wheel Cleaning, AND Black Magic On-Line Tire Shine: Delivers a black, glossy shine that makes tires look better than new with a streak-free formula made of a unique combination of polymers.

  • Hall of Fame; Our top of the line wash, Includes Winner Circle PLUS
    Armor All Extreme Shine: Unparalleled protection for a complete body of your vehicle through a heavy foam application. Hand wax quality at a fraction of the cost!*
    Rain-X for Wheels: Wheel protectant formula to produce a brilliant shine and give your wheels extra protection from breakdust, tough soils, and build-up.

    All of the above washes also include FREE Self-Serve Vacuum!

  • SpeedWax; The SpeedWax process is engineered to deliver ongoing protection to vehicle’s finishes reducing the normal hand-wax cycles recommended
    by vehicle manufacturers. SpeedWax, when applied every 30 to 60 days, sustains
    the luster, finish, and protection of your vehicle in our high desert hot
    weather, bright sunlight, and high wind conditions. The package also includes
    a thorough wash of the vehicle’s exterior, the hand application of a nano-spray
    wax, and Blue Coral Black Magic tire shine.

  • Visiting a client? Short on Time? Then you need to sign up for our unlimited
    club plans, featuring SpeedPASS, starting at only $20/month.
    Come at your convenience, on your schedule, and as often as you wish!