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Business Hours
Summer: 6AM – 9PM, Winter: 7AM – 8PM

  • In 2009, Victorville Speedwash built the largest twin tunnel express exterior car wash in Southern California, at the corner of Industrial and Bear Valley in Victorville. The Unique glass and steel tunnel design has been an architectural icon with thousands of cars passiong by daily. The Speedwash sits on a 3 acre land providing ample space and over 30 shaded self-serve vacuum stalls.

  • We use state of the art technologies in car wash automation to provide a clean and shiny car in less than 5 minutes at a very affordable price.

    Bringing another innovative idea to car washing, the Speedwash offers unlimited wash plans for a single low monthly fee (as low as $20/month).

    So drop by in, and take us for a ride!

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  • Our 2nd location, also features the new SpeedWax!

    Get a hand wax quality service using our automated wax robot at a fraction of the time and cost, as compared to full serve car washes and other detailing service providers.

    The SpeedWax is open from 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week.